Wednesday, 13 July 2016

slowly, but surely

this has to be the longest wait for a new house EVER! But finally we have a light at the end of the tunnel, looks like we are moving on my Birthday! A happy 25th birthday to me! I cannot wait to get in and start decorating and making our new house our new home.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Walls & Stripes

Lucky me, I have the most amazing entrance hallway area in the new house so where does my mind go? STRIPES. Way to may an entrance huh? So my hunt now starts as we are about 4 weeks off the move date; where do I find the most perfect wallpaper. Do I want coloured stripes? Do I go after vertical or horizontal? SO many questions! Here are a few images from Pinterest that are tickling my fancy!

The circular pattern of these black and white marble floor tiles by Ann Sacks give a graphic punch to this Washington town house.:

You can't beat stripes for elegance - taupe or dark beige and ivory help create an atmosphere of unadulterated style, particularly when teamed with pale panelling, parquet flooring and well designed and proportioned pieces of furniture. This is a beautiful hallway that exudes charm and sophistication yet is welcoming and bright.:

New House Thoughts

SO I've been MIA again with blogging, but have decided to stick too it once again and really set my attention on my blog. So, I am moving house again and have decided to blog step by step process on its renovation and interior design journey! so from here on out there will be a lot of Pinterest inspiration and real photos of the process, think of this blog as my vision board for our new dream home.

glamorous and cozy//:

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Deep Sleep, Does it really work? YES!

As far as skincare junkies go, id say i'm up there with the best of 'em. Endless baskets and drawers filled with body and face lotions and potions, and my skin becoming more of an obsession rather than a chore. SO when I came across the look of this product, not only does it ring my bell, for the nature of the product, but to the packaging and the brand. I have had a few 'this works' products in the past but nothing this mega; I unknowingly unwrapped a give from my boyfriend to see this beauty in there, exited as hell to run the nearest bath and go to bed as I could I squealed with excitement and planned my evening. Reading through the 'instructions' and ingredients, as to be ingredients are key, I try to stay more on the natural side of things as can be, I prefer the idea of no harsh chemicals and parabens on my skin is much kinder. So this was a winner anyway!

Bought for me as a thank you gift it was a lovely surprise and something with a lot of thought behind it,as I am very light sleeper and often than not, really struggle to get a full nights sleep. The night I tired it was a game changer, after my long relaxing oily bath with the most lovely calming scent, i was being asked 'is it going to work? are you tired?' I wanted too say yes, yes I am! But I almost didn't want to curse it; with promises of drifting off peacefully and waking up energised I wanted it to pay off so badly! low and behold it did exactly what it said on the tin, to the tee.

I have used the product several times now and can honestly say I have a better, deeper sleep every time use this product in the bath before bed, weather its a combo of my mind set and the essentials oils in this, it really works a treat.

Friday, 16 January 2015

S/S 2015-my top picks

These are looks that I can buy into. They are wearable for some or can be worn for evening. First off is the hippie chic, this has to be my favourite trend for 2015, with this one you can tie in the 70's revival or flared jeans. The mix of maxi dresses with loose long sleeve and embellished pattern. This has to be my favourite trend and is one I will be wearing coming spring summer, as for the next trend. It's that rock chick look. Lots of black lace and there was a lot of stars seen on the catwalks which could be tied into shoes, boots, handbags and jewellery for smaller pops of the trend rather than a full outfit. I also love the whole underwear as outerwear trend, which has been done a lot past years for autumn/winter. But I like it this way it's more soft with lace, chiffon, feathers and fringe. Which trends are you thinking you will rock? I love the khaki trend as it's a colour I'm naturally drawn too. Where as patchwork denim is one I don't think I would ever be wearing! 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Skincare routine

Skincare routine

Since working for Clarins I have perfected my skincare routine and my skin has never looked better;
These products have totally stopped my dry, dehydrated skin from feeling tight and uncomfortable I am now one of the lucky people to say I have a "normal" skin type. And I'm not just saying this because I work for Clarins as I do like to try all different brands to see what's out there in the market! Alongside the usual eye makeup remover, cleanse and tone routine I've recently only just added in eye care as I had never really realized the importance of caring for the eye area, your skin around the eye is 5 times thinner than on the rest of the face, so when I thought about me slathering on my usual day cream around my eye and then complaining of puffiness in the morning and throughout the day I realized that it was me not protecting my eye area by using an eye cream but just using my everyday cream which is far too heavy for the delicate area.

So as at the moment I am not concerned with fine lines and wrinkles around my eye area I use the eye contour gel which is so lovely and cooling, wakes you up in the morning and it also soothing to use at night, bit of a tip, I keep mine in the fridge so it is extra cool and soothes my tired eyes. This gel works on dark circles and puffiness and I have noticed a large reduction in my under eye dark circles.

The other main product I've found since switching completely to Clarins is their Double Serum, it currently holds the no.1 spot for best serum in the UK. This is almost your must have product as it works on the 5 vital functions of the skin, hydration, protection, nutrition, regreneragion and radiance. I'm starting early on my road to prevent ageing just as I have the products available to me to easily, usually you wouldn't need to start using this product until you are 25+ as that's when the first signs of again begin. This prouct is your great all rounder as it's working on your deeper skin cells, working on prevention for me, but a more mature skin it is healing and re plumping so to speak! 

After the serum comes your day and night creams, the other great thing about double serum is that you can take it all the way down your neck, which is the first area to age on women, also it's a unisex product, your boyfriends, brothers and husbands will benefit from this too. 

I use the day cream for normal to dry skin from the Hydraquench range which works purely on nourishing the skin and rehydrating. At might I use the blue orchid treatment oil which by the way, IS THE BEST PRODUCT EVER!!! A real treat to apply to my face every night, it smells amazing so calming and helps me sleep, but it wake up in the morning with a glowy dewy skin. 

Have you used any Clarins products before. How did you find them? I know I'm super biased but I think they are just the best skincare company and products around! 

Current style fixes

These few images are my current style fixes, from two different girls who are my faves at the moment, Selena Gomez and Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) I think they are both coming into their own style and still keeping everything wearable! I would wear each of the outfits and can think of different occasions when they would suit,a it's just a shame now that we don't have the weather to match. I have been toying with the idea of going a little lighter with my hair colour, I love the way these two girl dip between dark and igniter and meeting somewhere in the middle. Defiantly think these two are finding their way with what kind of style they want to go for, they both run a similar can do a boho look but can smarted up if needs be.