Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Barbara Martelo

My new style obsession!!
Barbara Martelo, Stylist, Vogue Espania

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bottega Veneta RTW Spring 2010

These 3 looks are my personal favorite's from the show, i love the silk dresses and the hard leathers of the croc print waistcoat and the leather baggy trousers, also i feel with most of this collection as it is Ready-to-wear it's easily mix and matchable, as it should be. Also i love the use of styling and accessorizing in this runway show, use of the handbags are jewelry are an excellent ready to wear touch. The video below shoes the whole collection from the show, enjoy!

Victoria's Secret Sneak Peek

Some beautiful pieces, the peacock feathers piece is amazing, i love the patter mix of the leopard tie top bikini and hipster brief bottom's with the strong dark green peacock feather's. My personal favorite is the leopard print two piece with tribal marking tattoos, channeling Rodarte, i like!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Got Chanel Under My Skin...So Paint It On Your Nails

I feel a Chanel tattoo may be a little intense so to stop be thinking about it too much ive gone for Chanel nails! I would love these nail stickers, but cant find where stocks them anywhere! SO have had to DIY it in the classic black and white at the bottom!

I still feel the need for Chanel

Chanel Temporary Tattoo's, yes i know they are from Spring/Summer 2010 but they are still on my mind! Would kill for a pack of the real things which are available from Selfridge's and the Chanel website, 49 pounds for 55 designs.

So the closest i have found (which aren't that close at all) are these designs by Topshop, for only 5 pounds. They don't feature any similar designs as the Chanel Tattoos, other than the block swallow shapes and the two odd chain designs, i like the more henna style pieces also the feathers and one of the dream catchers, other that that they don't really wow me, good (ish) effort from Topshop, In the pack you get two sheets of black tattoo's and one sheet of silver, unfortunatly they rub off so easily and you couldn't really see the silver on my skin, but i guess you get what you pay for! Maybe i will have to treat myself to Chanel, hmmm.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Outfit Styling Ideas

My Silly little play arounds with photoshop, Using of course my lovely Christene Centenera as my muse (aha) ive created outfits from pieces of photos of my things, just with me cut out and someone better face on it, tweaking and adding things i wish i had.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Nicholas Kirkwood

i love these far too much, first saw them in decembers issue of Marie Claire in their "Shoe Calender" feature where you can view some of the shoes featured here;

I love the structure and shape which these boots show, shame the are 500....ish pounds! :(

Winter Party's

Dress; (My latest purchase!) All Saints
Shoes; A selection by Alexander Wang

Some pieces from my November wishlist