Wednesday, 23 November 2011


My Wish List for this festive seasons, somehow i think these things are highly unlikely! Well i can dream....

Friday, 11 November 2011

The Trench

The Trench

Ah the trench coat, such a classic for any style.
For this year these three are my favorite of the crop. The left hand and right hand coats are by Topshop Boutique and the Middle, my new favorite Label, Tibi.

Of course the Toppy numbers are a little more affordable, unfortunately i don't think a Trench is appropriate for me this year, just that little too cold for winter, ill save one for my Spring Jacket....come on Spring...

Be a repeller..


My current favorite blog, she makes me laugh so much, her hilarious take on fashion, style and men. The New Yorker Leandra who is 'the man repeller' takes clothing trends we love and men hate and turn them into everyday wear, alot is done through plenty of layering, but she does this in such an amazing way. I think my favorite of the terms she uses has to be referring to wearing plenty of bracelets and bangles on one arm, therefore its an arm party! You can have arm gatherings, fully fledged parties or small gatherings. I tend to go for a full party of large gathering personally...

Read her blog here

Karen Walkers


Im not entirely sure who is girl is its just a picture i found in my A/W inspiration folder, but noticed these are the karen Walker sunglasses i have been eyeing up, look good right? I'm enjoying the shirt and hair combo, the colors are gorgeous!

See me

See me

I NEED a half decent pair of good looking sunglasses, these i find are all to die for, shame i cant afford them, so for now i will carry on my hunt for some from the highstreet (the worst timing to find high street sunglasses) or maybe i will have to take advantage of Father Christmas and put a pair on with wishlist.
I have also been hearing alot about Karen Walker sunglasses but i dont know much about her, so now i will go and do some research because all of ther sunglasses seem to be amazing!

Hunting for a pair of glasses somewhere between the cat eye and John Lennon look is tricky for a round faced lady like myself, Also finding a pair which arnt to ridiculous for everyday wear, as when i think of cat eye i think of the Kardashians, which isnt nesscerarlty such a bad thing, i just dont think i belong to that clan, no matter how much i may want too....

Needs a sorting

Now i am set on blogging more and am planning abit of a re-vamp, i need to blog more about outfits, style and things that really interest me, really need to sort it out and really make an effort! Currently going through another application to University, forgot what a chore it was! Anyhoos i hope i can blog as much as i want here, i have been doing alot more on Tumblr at

Hope you Enjoy :)