Wednesday, 29 February 2012

You fit me better than my favorite sweater


I found these images which are from a spread of a magazine or online piece but I'm not too sure of where to give credit, but this is the style of things which i am crazy for at the moment, in previous posts i have mentions that LA/Miami vintage feel, channeling the 60's. As i am mad for Lana Del Rey at this time this is the only example i can think of for this style, to me this is what she oozes, that old fashioned classiness with a Las Vegas history.

This is One of my favorite Lana songs i thought id share the video, I'm a little obsessed with everything she does! Too great.


New Dress

I know i shouldn't have, but i couldn't help myself, treated myself to this beauty of a dress, perfect for daytime paired with tights and boots or dressed up with a vintage handbag and curly hair piled high, a cheeky treat from which is here. A great little website for bits and pieces, similar to a boohoo or missguided, Love that they offer next day delivery also as some of the smaller websites don't and its a pet hate of mine! The sites defiantly worth a browse!

You got that vibe


This is just a plain old post posting an image i found on Tumblr which to be honest I'm totally in love with, it has that Miami/LA vibe with a vintage feel. In love with the dress, if anyone has seen one similar PLEASE let me know where i can get my hands on one! Also if you know who this is please tell me, is it Minka Kelly?

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ellery Land

Picture 1
Picture 2

Picture 3

KYM ELLERY, i have only just discovered this beautiful designer, stylist and photographer. Searching through the the campaigns and collections I'm head over heels for this woman's talent. Check her out!

Simple Perfect


As you may know Christene Centenera is my number one style icon, everything about her outfits to me are perfection, the slit in the pencil skirt makes the outfit even more perfect, if possible.

ELLE Sweden



I die for this 60's bombshell look, the pastel colors and big hair, im in love! its very much so a Grease kinda style, which adds extra love to it. I'm now off to try my hair out like this without looking like a 15 year old child, wish me luck!

Shoot from ELLE Sweden