Monday, 12 March 2012

Dreaming of L.A Days

Day in L.A

I am totally obsessed by the wedge heel Isabel Marant has done, by just browsing through Asos i came across the Ash beauties, i'm equally as head of heels for these beauties! The saving starts now..

SJP Louis Vuitton PFW


Im in love head over heels for everything about this outfit, couldn't BE more perfect, ahh if only! Love the vintage demure style with the flash of sexy with the black bra under the white lace, the white pointed toe heels and the tight midi skirt with the light frilled edge, to die more, all of it! Beautiful.

More Wishes..


Stay Young, Go dancing


An outfit inspiration post, Shanae Grimes on the set of 90210, simple, classy and super stylish and a vintage twist. Love the cropped jumper and full skirt, even down to the cross body mini satchel. love it, LOVE IT!

Sweet Dreams

leather shorts

Just a quick outfit idea put together on Polyvore, tried some shorts on so similar to this from H&M in their Trend range, kicking myself for not buying them now! Also had this jumper saved in my items for a long time, will always be a wish list, would love a grey jumper similar to this, if anyone has seen one please let me know! Also i have these shoes, from Zara. Not had a chance to wear them yet! Anyway this is just a little wished up outfit for me!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fighting Suspicions




Bidda vintage from Harpers Bazaar 97' i think! Love the black lace its bloody gorgeous. Lovely Kate Moss.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

He loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart




Lana Del Rey photographed by Terry Richardson is possibly my fave combination, i love the pervy photographer and Lana, well shes drop dead amazing and is my absolute favorite at the moment! Love the "Lana as Terry" photograph he does, as he does with all of his celebs and models he take the portraits of, the shoot has many more photos it was a shoot for The New York times. Dammit i love her.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Put your records on


Another inspiration post, this time a photo found on tumblr of Corrine Bailey Rae, where has she gone? I loved her. Anyway, i love this outfit the combination of the neon range stilettos and the ice cream shade of blue dress, which is gorgeous in itself. If anyone knows where its from/seen it around, please let me know!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Paris Morton Music

Photo 162

Photo 191

Sorry for the bad quality of photo's but i thought id do a quick outfit post, my dress from arrived! i love it, its more of an ice cream peach than nude as described but i love it even more makes it more on trend for the pastel tones for S/S. Anyhoos, this is the dress and my new bag from Zara, going to be wearing this tomorrow night for seeing Rebecca Ferguson. The dress has a 60's/70's feel too it, which i love, will be wearing it some heels, tights and a vintage handbag, have a lovely weekend!