Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Vintage Find

This is my new Vintage skirt bough from Renaissance Vintage on Asos Marketplace, couldn't have found a more perfect piece, so exited to wear it. I would defiantly have styled it something similar to what the seller has done, love it with the grey t-shirt and chunky heels, think i would pair it with a tight tee and snakeskin court shoes.

Saturday, 12 May 2012


I have too much love for Marina and the Diamonds at the moment, her style change has got me hooked. In love with her blonde hair and retro vibe.


Today's outfit & details.

Weekend Inspo

Do something different for a change. Wear bracelets on your ankles, skirts as dresses. Wear a hat!

Image from manrepeller.com

Friday, 11 May 2012

Just 5 more minutes

Last night I went for drinks with some of the girls! This is what I wore, another cheesy mirror shot. Jeans from h&m, dress worn as a top from River Island, hat from top shop and the bag in vintage! Also I wore my Jeffery Campbell Litas to keep my tootsies dry from the rain. Also you shall see the smallest if arm parties on my wrist, more of an arm snuggle on the couch a night in kind thang. This afternoon I'm on a styling/extra job with my friend an singer/songwriter Nancy Kent. It's her video shoot and photoshoot type thing for her EP, so that shall be just delicious! Enjoy your weekend!!

Something here for the weekend to tickle your ears!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Photo shoot shoot shoot

This is a shoot i styled for and photographed for a website for a local Vintage store, which is a shame that has now closed down! But it was one of my favorite shoots ive done by far, i went for a grimey sex appeal feel. I was inspired by some of the Vivenne Westwood commercial stuff id seen. Used the mish mash of male and female clothes to create that confused sense of style. Thanks to my models which make my life much easier!

Ot oh i did it again

Cheesy mirror photo to show my outfit for today! Just been running a few errands on my day off. I wore little suede boots & hat are from Topshop, black jeans from h&m, jumper from Topshop boutique, tartan scarf from Ebay and my new vintage handbag! Off for drinks with a friend now! Have a lovely evening!

And a little something for your Tuesday night ears...

I love this mix from the store Aritzia, which is my favorite place to shop when i'm in Canada, amazing stuff & music!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Outfit Inspiration

Love LOVE LOVE this kind of look!! The wide leg trouser teamed with a long jacket, perfection!


I love this photo.

Angelica Blick

I've loved this blogger for such a long time now! Thought id share some of my favorite recent outfits from her blog. The neon shoes are incredible, on my shopping trip i took on Tuesday i tried them on, there alot more neon than they look in the images above, don't know why i didn't buy them! Absolutely love these outfits, perfect!

Moon and the stars

May day night out with my best friends! I wore the vintage jumpsuit i posted about previously, with some Topshop wedges and a charity shop find doctors style handbag, ive had my hair chopped and highlighted again and i love it, slowly getting lighter! This is one of my best friends Katie shes wearing the beautiful American Apparel black disco pants and a turtle neck crop top also from American Apparel! Very fun night full of dancing and drinks!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Friday Night Lights

The start of this May bank holiday weekend started with one of my best friends 21st birthday parties, which was a bloody amazing night! Thought is share a few photos from the night, decided on the outfit i had recently posted about with my new snakeskin shoes, beautiful but not too comfortable! Great night lots of fizz, chair dancing and fish and chips!

The Birthday girl herself, you can find her tumblr, here.

Nancy and i managed to turn up in the same skirt! Twinnies! Also heres the link to her tumblr too!

And one final thing, a little something for the weekend..

My favorite song at the moment, cant stop listening! Of course its the beautiful Yasmin!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Grime kid style

Currently I am loving Rita Ora. Not only for her music but also for her ace style. She had a real UK grime kind of vibe to her but also a classic look which is what I'm quite intrigued about from her style! These images I think kind of explain what I'm talking about if my ramblings make no sense! Think she has this great vibe to her style that's relaxed grime but classically cool, that's what I'm trying to say! Not to mention that she's drop dead gorgeous! She's recently done a shoot and spread for I-D which I've seen a few photos from but j want too see more! Can anyone hook me up?

Thursday, 3 May 2012

More style inspiration

Love all these styles and looks. These images are currently influencing my May style.

Gwen Stefani

Style Inspiration post, love this look.

Shoe You.

As I might have gone on about before, I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes. I have far too many! So yet today I couldn't resist the temptation of yet again spending all my wages on a couple more pairs...it can't hurt. Right? Surely it can't when something's so beautiful. Both pairs from Topshop, which is a plus as I always find Topshop heels super comfortable! Going to try give them both an outing this coming weekend! And if you Havnt already noticed, I'm also obsessed with Instagram! Amazing invention!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Nail me

I'm really really into nails at the moment. Never really been one for colours or anything too bold, but through browsing tumblr and Instagram I found inspiration for nails and have had a go myself! The dip dye style nail is my favourite but it takes a long time to get it right! I might try and do a step by step tutorial for it to show how it's done! Do you have any nail beauty tips? Or tried any of these? I've also tried nail varnish marbling, but I found it was just too messy an wasn't worth the mess and hassle for the final result! Love the WAH! Nails blog, great for other inspiration! Also their products are fab, nail pens etc...

Other nails trends that have been circulating are the pointed nails. Either you're own or gel/acrylic tips which are filed into a point then either punted or donned with nail art! Have you seen them and or have or love/hate them? I'm undecided!!

These few pictures are my favourites of the colours or styles I've seen around and the blue dip dye nail! I first saw it from models from a designer collection but now i can't for the life of me refer who had done them. Beaut anyway!


Freelance stylist and desginer Soki Mak! I love her! Beautiful and super talented. Especial LOVE her hair! Beautiful! Find her blog and her work here.

Weekend fun!

It's one of my best friends 21st's this weekend so I've been trying to figure something out to wear, after a visit to the Trafford centre I came across a skirt I had wanted for ages from Topshop which conveniently had gone in the sale!! So this is the outfit I've put together to wear on my Friday evening birthday outing!

Vintage finds

After scouring through eBay for quite a while I've found these two babies! I'm in love! After seeing an image of singer and dj Yasmin who I love her style I amazing I was inspired to go on the hunt for my own jumpsuit in a similar style. So please with my finds and can't wait to wear them both!