Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My Summer Wardrobe Inspiration

All images found on tumblr.

Nasty Gals Do It Better

Interview with founder of Nastygal.com which is a website store i absolutely love and am regularly checking the job vacancy page to make a swift move to L.A. A girl can dream. I love the way she started out and to me i find it inspiring as to where she has ended up. Something that i can dream of.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Nail Candy

I have tried this pointed nail trend once and had them more nail arty. But this tie i decided to do them a plain phone box red, i cant say which one i prefer because i do love both! These ones will post likely be easier as they will go with more. I have been doing my own tips, basically i cant afford to go the the nail salon to get them done and i do a pretty good job myself id say! How do you feel about the stiletto nail trend? My only issue with these nails is that they are not very practical! very hard to text, type and take out hair bobbles!!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Latest finds

These few items have been my newest purchases/finds. I'm trying to save my money at the moment, but never the less being a clothes addict it seems i am not good at saving! 
Anyway i took a trip to the Trafford Centre today with a good friend to get the last few holiday bits we want as we are going a week on Monday, can't f-ing wait!! I saw these trousers' and could not say no to them, especially at 10 Pounds! so had to have those babies, also the pineapple ring is new, also from Topshop, also a steal at 2.50! The hoops i have been craving for a while now, also just cheapies from H&M. Now the eye-shadows are also a steal and 1 pound each!! I
 came across this MUA brand when a blogger (i cant remember which) had done a section on them saying how good they are, so i noticed them in Superdrug and now i have quite a collection of the MUA stuff, i personally think its great! You can't really go wrong if something is only costing you a pound, just chuck it if its no good! I have had eye-shadow's from them and i think they are great, the colour lasts well and the colors are good for me, so i guess thats all you need in an eye-shadow.

I have had a few lipsticks by them too, which are also good, the colour is strong but i must say the formula is a little on the greasy side but i don't not like it! Also a bronzer, which i picked up in a rush so is a little too orange and glittery for me.

Now finally for the Army jacket. I was wanting to get my hands on one for the shoot i did below. But scoured the local Market and couldn't find one, stupidly should have checked what i had at home first! Little to what i knew someone in my house has one in out coat wardrobe!! No-one has claimed it so i am taking it as mine!! A GREAT thrifty home-find! I love it!

Here is something as an early weekend gift to feed your hungry ears; A mix from the Aritzia soundcloud page which i am enjoying as we speak! Hope you do too! Just click this link!!


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bad girls do it well

Photo's from my photoshoot from today with model Jesse Sheen.
Styled & photographed by me.

Whatever you do, do it good.

Asos crop, Vintage jumpsuit, plain black leggings, Topshop Clogs, Vintage jewelry, Topshop fur hat.

Last Time

Earrings-Primark, Top-Asos, Skirt-EBay, Bumbag a before, necklace as before.

Liqourice Bitch

Bracelet-Vintage, Bumbag-borrowed, Shirt-models own, Chain-vintage

Bad Bitch

Photos from my shoot i did today, with my model Jesse Sheen. I took inspiration from alot of images that are circulating on Tumblr at the moment, the "hipster" style. I styled and photographed the shoot, Jesse makes things much easier by being to photogenic!
Hat is the models own,
Crop jumper and shorts are from Topshop.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Heard it all before

New outfit post; This outfit is just waiting to have an outing on my mannequin in my room, I have bought this vintage chain for my birthday outfit, i'm really into gold chains and gold jewelry in general! So i had to take this one while i could, it's from a great little Vintage shop in Lancaster, The Vintage Boudoir, which has some really gorgeous pieces. Lots of jewelry which is all amazing, clothes, shoes! Everything! Also i'm really into the polo-neck too, i really want to get this is a few different colors, would really like to get my hands on a lilac or purple one, does anyone know where i could get one? I might have to find a white one and dye it myself. The skirt was a bargain buy from Topshop in Manchester, the only one in there and flung onto a random rail, i had to have it! Planning on this outfit with a pair of chunky platforms i have from Topshop that are a nude tone, stack up on vintage gold bracelets and a handful of rings. A top knot and maybe a splash of red or nude lipstick. 

I am on the hunt for a high waisted midi full skirt in a really jazzy colorful print. Preferably a vintage one as i think i would find more want i want in vintage. I saw the exact one i wanted when i visited Afflecs Palace in Manchester, i am now kicking myself for not buying it, it was perfect!

So i am currently mood-boarding and preparing for some photo shoots. Cant wait to get them done i'm so exited! Here's some more ear candy, from dream Yasmin! 

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Funny but true. I'm obsessed by this programme. Have been for a long time. But I seem to be dosing myself taking more and more inspiration from this style guru more and more recently.

Still F-ing love this song.

Supreme Dream

My Saturday night was another night spent with my beautiful friend Polly. We sat, drank and watched endless videos of Jay-Z and Kanye. Then drank some more. Always a super time with this lady. My outfit choice was inspired by the one and only Fresh Prince. Recently i have been loving the tshirt/skirt combo. My Supreme T arrived that morning so chose that with the hawaiian print skirt from river Island. Paired with my Zara heels, a vintage bracelet, rings from Topshop and a Vintage handbag.

I spent the majority of my afternoon doing my nails, i've decided to tap into the feline pointed nail trend and gone all out and given myself some nail art pretty cray/garish pointed long nails, but i happen to really love them. The cat app on my IPhone is something i squealed at delight in finding, its called CatWang and it is the shit.

What do you think to the pointed nail trends? Love or Loathe?

Friday, 6 July 2012


As a result of having some time on my hands after work today i finally gave my Tumblr a much needed overhaul, i've basically blogged and re-blogged images that are inspiring my wardrobe at the moment, really REALLY loving that grimy 90's bad style, pass me the hoops and a beanie. I think The Fresh Prince has a lot to answer for my outfit choice this month. Anyhoo's heres a mini snapshot of my Tumblr for a taster;

Inspo Inspo Inspo