Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Skincare routine

Skincare routine

Since working for Clarins I have perfected my skincare routine and my skin has never looked better;
These products have totally stopped my dry, dehydrated skin from feeling tight and uncomfortable I am now one of the lucky people to say I have a "normal" skin type. And I'm not just saying this because I work for Clarins as I do like to try all different brands to see what's out there in the market! Alongside the usual eye makeup remover, cleanse and tone routine I've recently only just added in eye care as I had never really realized the importance of caring for the eye area, your skin around the eye is 5 times thinner than on the rest of the face, so when I thought about me slathering on my usual day cream around my eye and then complaining of puffiness in the morning and throughout the day I realized that it was me not protecting my eye area by using an eye cream but just using my everyday cream which is far too heavy for the delicate area.

So as at the moment I am not concerned with fine lines and wrinkles around my eye area I use the eye contour gel which is so lovely and cooling, wakes you up in the morning and it also soothing to use at night, bit of a tip, I keep mine in the fridge so it is extra cool and soothes my tired eyes. This gel works on dark circles and puffiness and I have noticed a large reduction in my under eye dark circles.

The other main product I've found since switching completely to Clarins is their Double Serum, it currently holds the no.1 spot for best serum in the UK. This is almost your must have product as it works on the 5 vital functions of the skin, hydration, protection, nutrition, regreneragion and radiance. I'm starting early on my road to prevent ageing just as I have the products available to me to easily, usually you wouldn't need to start using this product until you are 25+ as that's when the first signs of again begin. This prouct is your great all rounder as it's working on your deeper skin cells, working on prevention for me, but a more mature skin it is healing and re plumping so to speak! 

After the serum comes your day and night creams, the other great thing about double serum is that you can take it all the way down your neck, which is the first area to age on women, also it's a unisex product, your boyfriends, brothers and husbands will benefit from this too. 

I use the day cream for normal to dry skin from the Hydraquench range which works purely on nourishing the skin and rehydrating. At might I use the blue orchid treatment oil which by the way, IS THE BEST PRODUCT EVER!!! A real treat to apply to my face every night, it smells amazing so calming and helps me sleep, but it wake up in the morning with a glowy dewy skin. 

Have you used any Clarins products before. How did you find them? I know I'm super biased but I think they are just the best skincare company and products around! 

Current style fixes

These few images are my current style fixes, from two different girls who are my faves at the moment, Selena Gomez and Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) I think they are both coming into their own style and still keeping everything wearable! I would wear each of the outfits and can think of different occasions when they would suit,a it's just a shame now that we don't have the weather to match. I have been toying with the idea of going a little lighter with my hair colour, I love the way these two girl dip between dark and igniter and meeting somewhere in the middle. Defiantly think these two are finding their way with what kind of style they want to go for, they both run a similar can do a boho look but can smarted up if needs be.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Interior madness


Since moving into my new house I have become obsessed with homeward and interior design. These are some of the images I have got on my interior mood boards. I have taken some inspiration from this kind of home style. I love the clash of different prints, whilst all still muted or monochrome with a spalash of colour. I also love to have that Moroccan vibe wherever I can fit it in, especially with tiles-we have had a budget to work to and some minor alterations to the home, I.e changing kitchen tiles, so for this I saw the chance to encorporate the Moroccan style tiles in the inner windowsill with subway style tiles everywhere else. I have had a new found love for fabrics and soft furnishings and realizing how they can change the look of a room, I have opted for plain walls with plenty of patterned soft furnishings, I love the mix of ethnic prints and chevron style to Aztec. 

Everyday November

Everyday November

Everyday November by indymorris featuring distressed jeans

My start to my November. Complete with thigh length boots, fur and a fedora. Oh and must not forget the trip involving great amounts of tea, cake and Christmas Decorations. A trip out to a local-ish garden centre who sells the most lovely christmas decs and has amazing xmas displays. Of course i have started the hunt for my decs, today i returned home with a sparkly dangling moose and sparkling deer, now i am moved into my new home with my boyfriend,  all finally decorated and exited for all new christmas stuff! 

I have re created my look on Polyvore with my wish version of a 'what i wore'. Tonight i started to watch 'E!'s new show 'fashion bloggers' some girls are the girls who's blog i check daily and some of the girls were new to me, which i love, i always love looking for new blogs for inspiration for not only to better mine, which i have totally neglected due to life getting in the way! But also everyday what to wear and just he sheer pleasure of looking at the lovely women's lives and wardrobes.