Friday, 16 January 2015

S/S 2015-my top picks

These are looks that I can buy into. They are wearable for some or can be worn for evening. First off is the hippie chic, this has to be my favourite trend for 2015, with this one you can tie in the 70's revival or flared jeans. The mix of maxi dresses with loose long sleeve and embellished pattern. This has to be my favourite trend and is one I will be wearing coming spring summer, as for the next trend. It's that rock chick look. Lots of black lace and there was a lot of stars seen on the catwalks which could be tied into shoes, boots, handbags and jewellery for smaller pops of the trend rather than a full outfit. I also love the whole underwear as outerwear trend, which has been done a lot past years for autumn/winter. But I like it this way it's more soft with lace, chiffon, feathers and fringe. Which trends are you thinking you will rock? I love the khaki trend as it's a colour I'm naturally drawn too. Where as patchwork denim is one I don't think I would ever be wearing!