Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Deep Sleep, Does it really work? YES!

As far as skincare junkies go, id say i'm up there with the best of 'em. Endless baskets and drawers filled with body and face lotions and potions, and my skin becoming more of an obsession rather than a chore. SO when I came across the look of this product, not only does it ring my bell, for the nature of the product, but to the packaging and the brand. I have had a few 'this works' products in the past but nothing this mega; I unknowingly unwrapped a give from my boyfriend to see this beauty in there, exited as hell to run the nearest bath and go to bed as I could I squealed with excitement and planned my evening. Reading through the 'instructions' and ingredients, as to be ingredients are key, I try to stay more on the natural side of things as can be, I prefer the idea of no harsh chemicals and parabens on my skin is much kinder. So this was a winner anyway!

Bought for me as a thank you gift it was a lovely surprise and something with a lot of thought behind it,as I am very light sleeper and often than not, really struggle to get a full nights sleep. The night I tired it was a game changer, after my long relaxing oily bath with the most lovely calming scent, i was being asked 'is it going to work? are you tired?' I wanted too say yes, yes I am! But I almost didn't want to curse it; with promises of drifting off peacefully and waking up energised I wanted it to pay off so badly! low and behold it did exactly what it said on the tin, to the tee.

I have used the product several times now and can honestly say I have a better, deeper sleep every time use this product in the bath before bed, weather its a combo of my mind set and the essentials oils in this, it really works a treat.